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Beyond Words Movement Strategic Intent

To dismantle structural injustice and systemic racism in America

The Beyond Words Movement brings together leaders from across the nation, including pastors, attorneys and corporate diversity managers, who are united in their desire to make racial justice a reality in America.

Spearheaded by the Justice Journey Alliance, the Beyond Words Movement is a collaborative initiative with ReWire to enlist church leaders nationwide to lead their communities into action to address systemic racism.

The Beyond Words Movement recognizes that the historical church reaction to facing a racial crisis has been ineffective in producing any real and lasting change. Often, the church’s response has been mostly words, whether through position papers, sermons or pulpit exchanges with leaders of color. What is needed now is to mobilize our faith communities to take action and to address the root causes and effects of America’s national sin of racism.


Led by a coalition of committed Inter-denominational Senior Pastors

  • Not just preaching about the plight of African Americans – but aiding them to breath in the fresh air of equality and justice into their souls.

Ignited by a diverse group of Inter-denominational local churches

  • Mobilizing its people, resources, and voices in support of a racial justice movement across our nation.

Collaborating with a diverse group of Christian attorneys and corporate managers (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officers)

  • To transform the negative policies and systems, you must know how the system works.

 Partnering with ReWire

  • ReWire provides direction and discipleship to local churches to develop mission-oriented ministries that serve as a healing force in the broken places of the world.

Beyond Words Movement Core Objectives

  • Coordinate through a unified voice by bringing perspectives together so that we can speak as one to the issues set before us.
  • Clamp down on the systemic racist cultures and practices within churches, corporations, institutions, and organizations.
  • Collaborate with appropriate authorities to address the debilitating racial injustices that exist today within our legal system.
  • Convene impactful roundtable strategy sessions with leading corporate managers:
    • To address the hampering and negative work cultures in which they have been empowered to lead
    • To lead toward corporate transformation culturally and within the executive leadership structure

Beyond Words Movement Live National Event

Watch the Live Beyond Words Movement Live National Event from September 25, 2020 Please start watching at 18:00

Upcoming Events

Monday, March 8th begins the trial of the killer of George Floyd: READ A STATEMENT FROM REV. ALVIN BIBBS SR. AND J.D. WARD

August 25: Pre-launch Online Gathering: WATCH THE REPLAY NOW

September 25 at 8:00 p.m. WATCH THE REPLAY NOW 

Beyond Words: Count Us In will be seeking 12-month commitments from pastors and their churches to build relationships across racial lines, to provide financial support to under-resourced areas, to learn together, to organize communities to serve those in need, and to take action to address systemic racism.

Connected Cities To Date

Atlanta – Boise – Boston – Chicago – Cincinnati – Central LA – Denver –  Long Beach, CA – Memphis – Miami – Minneapolis – Oakland – Phoenix – Portland – San Francisco – San Jose – Silicon Valley – Spokane – St. Louis – South LA – Tacoma

Pending Cities

Indianapolis – New York City – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh – Washington, D.C. – Dallas – San Diego – Seattle – Tampa

Get Connected

For more information on the Beyond Words: Count Us In Movement, to serve as a City Coordinator, and to register for events, please email us at